Can hair Botox damage your hair?

Dec 29, 19 Can hair Botox damage your hair?

What is hair Botox?

What are its disadvantages, one by one, and nobody wants to talk about it and its side effects? As you can see, I want to tell you about the disadvantages of hair Botox. Most people do not talk about themselves because it is not good for them.

What is Hair Botox Treatment?

Many people associate hair Botox with the popular injection of botulinum toxins that are used to clear unwanted wrinkles from our faces.

I never had any of those injections because I was scared of injections and, of course, my husband swears he has 20 years of skin in his life. Yes, he is a saint. I know.

Hair Botox is not used with a needle or with pins or penetrating your scalp. In fact, it is a topical treatment done on the outer parts of the hair.

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3 side effects of Botox

It does not change the internal structure of your curls

If you believe your afro curls will end up straight, then Hair Botox damages your hair. Because for that you need to break the inner hair of your hair, the only thing that does this is formaldehyde, which modifies the internal structure of the hair fibers.

What you can expect is that your curls should be larger, which means they are less pronounced and, of course, less frizzy.

Dye your hair

If you dye your hair, you can change the tone of the hair Botox.

Not that you are going to go from light brown to chestnut brown, but you will notice a slight difference in tone after completing the treatment.

It will reduce your hair

If you have very straight hair, hair Botox can give it a little more movement.

Furthermore, up to this point, there have been no reported adverse effects of Botox as with keratin therapy, which is not recommended for those who are prone to allergic reactions.

Now that you know the disadvantages and side effects of Botox, do you still want to treat it?

Disadvantages of Hair Botox

Like everything else when it comes to hair products, you use the simple rule of thumb: the better the product, the more expensive it is.

While it is best to use specific shampoos for each type of hair, we are not talking about any shampoo. We are talking about using a product that we believe will restore the lost health to our hair.

A product that fixes split ends and replenishes our hair follicles with ingredients such as vitamin b-5, vitamin e, and collagen. Hair Botox is a product made with a complex formula for hair restoration. That’s why it’s more expensive than any other hair mask.